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Airbus A321-111
Quality: Low / High
Aircraft type: Airbus A321-111 Photographer Mike Minglis (lgav1966)
Aircraft registration: HB-IOF Location: Athens Spata, GR (ATH)
Current airline: Swissair Date added 15 Apr 2012
Photo rating: 5.5 - rate it! Viewed 14734 times

Airbus A321-111
Quality: Low / High
Taxing to take off
Aircraft type: Airbus A321-111 Photographer Gunnar Mauch (triple7)
Aircraft registration: HB-IOF Location: Palma, ES (PMI)
Current airline: Swissair Date added 08 Jun 2011
Photo rating: 5.46 - rate it! Viewed 11925 times

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