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China Southern Airlines

China Southern Airlines (CSN) is the core enterprise of China Southern Air Group, one of the first 55 Chinese big pilot enterprise groups approved by Chinese government, and its headquarters in Baiyun International Airport, Guangzhou, P. R. China.

In the course of Chinese opening - up reform, China Southern Airlines, by means of continually introducing new technology, new equipment and new types of aircraft, has enlarged its fleet up to 95 aircraft including 62 large and medium-sized Boeing aeroplanes such as 62 large and medium-sized Boeing aeroplanes such as B777s, B757s and B737s, and 33 small-sized transport & general aviation planes. At present, the China Southern Airlines operates 175 domestic routes, 26 international routes with services to Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lao, the United Arab Emirates and since November 1996 to The Netherlands. And also operating on 5 Hong Kong regional routes and 10 international & regional scheduled chartered routes, forming a network connecting over 70 domestic & foreign cities. The company also opened new services from Guangzhou to the United States and Australia in 1997. Since opening - up reform policy adopted in China. China Southern Airlines has been achieving an average annual increase by above 24% in its air transportation, and placed front in passenger transport volume among Chinese aviation industry. For many years, it has been ranked first three Chinese airlines in its total traffic turnover volume and its transport volume in cargo, postal matter and luggage. In 1993, China Southern Airlines was appraised as one of 500 Chinese big service enterprises and ranked second in air transportation. In 1995, CSN ranked first among Chinese airlines by carrying over ten million passengers.

China Southern Airlines mainly handles domestic and approved international & regional transportation of passengers, cargo, postal matter and luggage, general aviation, aircraft maintenance, agent for domestic and foreign airlines. Besides, it also serves air express, industrial & commercial advertising both at home and abroad, ground equipment manufacturing and maintenance, air catering, hotels, restaurants, duty-free shops, passenger ground transportation, tourism and others related to air transportation. Thus, a preliminary shape of a big trans-regional, trans-industrial and trans-national enterprise group has come into being, with multi-business but major in air transportation while having multi-functions as production, development and service.

Information obtained from China Southern Airlines. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

China Southern Airlines logo

Based: China
Homepage: www.cs-air.nl
:: Fleet (105)

20 x Airbus A320
2 x Airbus A330
51 x Boeing 737
2 x Boeing 747
19 x Boeing 757
9 x Boeing 777
2 x Embraer ERJ

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