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Southwest Airlines

Eight years ago, this group began as a Team of just five Employees within the Marketing Department, and today, in recognition of the vital role the Team plays with our Customers and Employees, it is a separate Department with 89 Employees.

In 1998, eight percent of our tickets were sold online today that number has jumped to over 55 percent (and growing) as we make enhancements to the web site.

Some of those enhancements include Southwest Shortcut (a quick, easy way to match the lowest fare with available seats), Rapid Rewards Ticketless Awards, our weekly e-mail Click n Save discount fares (over four million Customers subscribe), and the capability of booking hotels and rental cars in one-stop shopping just to name a few.

Information obtained from Southwest Airlines. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Southwest Airlines logo

Based: Dallas, TX USA
Homepage: www.southwestairlines.com
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386 x Boeing 737

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