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El Al

From its humble beginning in 1948, EL AL Israel’s national airline continues to adhere to the same objectives as the day it was chartered- assisting those in need, reuniting thousands of families and providing Jewish immigrants from hostile countries with a chance for a new life in Israel.

EL AL’s initial dream was to bring Israel’s first president Weizman, from Geneva home to Israel in 1948. Since that historic first flight, EL AL passengers have included new settlers, families on pilgrimages, international celebrities and massive airlifts of Jews from oppressed nations. When the Jewish population in Yemen was in grave danger, “Operation Magic Carpet” began in 1950. Planes flew around the clock airlifting 47,000 Yemenite Jews to safety in Israel.

In May 1991, EL AL assisted in airlifting more than 14,000 Ethiopian Jews as part of “Operation Solomon”, one of the most dramatic rescue missions in the history of Israel’s national airline. One specially configured EL AL 747 Boeing aircraft carried 1,087 Ethiopian (almost 2-1/2 times the normal number of passengers) – setting an international aviation record.

As part of “Operation Exodus”, EL AL carried hundreds of thousands of Soviet immigrants to Israel. On board their flights to Israel, the new immigrants were welcomed in a special video in Russian, which was produced by EL AL to help them adjust with ease into their new lives in Israel.

Continuing with its tradition of helping those in need, EL AL has made a pledge to the government of Israel that at any time of the day or night EL AL will organize and operate a flight to carry immigrants to Israel from any place within 12 hours.

- EL AL is primarily a commercial airline which continues to expand.
- In 1961 EL AL launched its first 707 flight between Tel Aviv and New York.
- In 1971, EL AL inaugurated its 747 service between Tel Aviv and New York.
- In 1995, EL AL was the first airline to operate nonstop flights from Los Angeles to Tel Aviv.
- In 1999, EL AL added six new aircrafts, including the fourth 747-400
- 2001 three new 777 aircrafts were added to the fleet. EL AL’s fleet in one of the youngest in the industry.

EL AL. It’s not just and airline. It’s Israel.

Information obtained from El Al. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

El Al logo

Based: Israel
Homepage: www.elal.com
:: Fleet (40)

9 x Boeing 737
14 x Boeing 747
6 x Boeing 757
7 x Boeing 767
4 x Boeing 777

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