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Aero Flight

AERO FLIGHT Ltd.&Co is a newly founded airline which for the most part operates in the charter sector. Our headquarters are situated in Oberursel (Taunus). The company offers and sells flights to travel agencies, package-tour tourists and individually travelling tourists at favorable prices.In the center of our business philosophy are security, punctuality and good service.

Currently, AERO FLIGHT flies for example from Gemany to Egypt, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Greece, Italy, Kazakhstan, Spain and Turkey. Flights can be booked through the AERO FLIGHT Service Center as well as through travel agencies. Travel agencies are informed and attended by our competent and engaged Agency Service Team. There is of course the possibility to book special group tours with AERO FLIGHT.

We are especially proud of our friendly and highly skilled personnel. The attentive cabin crews will offer you excellent service and make your flight a relaxing experience. In the center of our business is the well-being of our air passengers young and old.

Information obtained from Aero Flight. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

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Based: Germany
Homepage: www.flyaeroflight.de/de/index_flash.php
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1 x Airbus A321

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