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Aero Lloyd

Boasting a market share of about 12%, AERO LLOYD is one of the major German holiday airlines. Last year, roughly 3.5 million passengers were whisked off to their holiday destination by the airline's short- and medium-haul jets.

As an unaffiliated airline, AERO LLOYD co-operates with all renowned tourist companies in Germany and Austria. Along with groups such as Thomas Cook, TUI, ITS, Kreutzer, Olimar and DERtour, many medium-sized travel companies and special-interest operators such as the Bayerische Pilgerbüro, Phönix, OFT-Reisen, Attika and Öger Tours have opted to transport their passengers with the airline from Oberursel/Taunus in Germany.

For the winter season 2002 / 2003, AERO LLOYD has connections from Germany and Austria to roughly 20 holiday regions. The Spanish mainland, the Balearic and Canary Islands, Portugal and Italy, along with Turkey, Morocco and Egypt are its major ports of call. AERO LLOYD chiefly operates convenient non-stop connections, thereby sparing passengers the hassle and delay associated with changing planes.

AERO LLOYD earns over 80% of its turnover from organised charter packages - the remainder being generated by selling individual seats. Flights can be booked directly via the standard reservation systems from any of the 9,000 AERO LLOYD-authorised travel agencies. Most AERO LLOYD flights are featured in the large computer reservation systems such as AMADEUS, SABRE, WORLDSPAN and GALILEO and can therefore be booked in the same way as scheduled flights.

For the winter season 2002 / 2003, AERO LLOYD is deploying 16 modern medium-haul jets, including six Airbus A320's and eight Airbus A321's. The airline thus employs the most modern and environmentally friendly aircraft currently available on the world market. With an average age of three years, AERO LLOYD's fleet is one of the youngest in Europe.

Information obtained from Aero Lloyd. For more information, please contact the airline or surf to their website at the Homepage address below.

Aero Lloyd logo

Based: Germany
Homepage: www.aerolloyd.de
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2 x Airbus A321

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