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:: Aircraft specsheet

Registration: HB-IXV Model: Avro ARJ-100
Manuf. serial #: E3274 First flight: 18/11/1995 00:00:00
Airline/Operator: Swiss International Airlines Delivery date: 31/3/2002 00:00:00
Name: - End of life: N/A
Engines: LY LF507-1F Added by: Planespotter.org
Ex-operators: Last updated by: No updates yet. Update?
Prev. Registrations: G-6-274
Other: -

:: Photos of HB-IXV

Quality: Low / High
British Aerospace Avro 146 RJ-100
Aircraft type: Avro ARJ-100 Photographer Karel Řehák (rehakk)
Aircraft registration: HB-IXV Location: Prague Ruzyne, CZ (PRG)
Current airline: Swiss International Airlines Date added 31 Aug 2008
Photo rating: 5.48 - rate it! Viewed 9604 times

Quality: Low / High
Swiss RJ
Aircraft type: Avro ARJ-100 Photographer Kevin Murphy (dragonman)
Aircraft registration: HB-IXV Location: Manchester Intl, UK (MAN)
Current airline: Swiss International Airlines Date added 18 Dec 2005
Photo rating: 5.53 - rate it! Viewed 6128 times

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